Critique Group

Hello everybody,

I’m setting up a critique group in Chennai. I have a studio in Anna Nagar with enough wall and floor space, and I’m happy to host. As a photographer, this will primarily be a photo critique group- but it cannot stop there. I’d like for everybody who wants to sit in or participate in a conversation with a group of artists to be a part of this group. The benefits of a mixed group is immense for everybody who intends to show work at our meetings. Painters, printmakers, filmmakers sculptors, writers, critical thinkers, art historians, people who love art, people who love conversations, musicians, anybody, really. So far, a handful of people are in(GREAT!), and I’d like to open an invitation to anybody who’s interested. I’d also like for you to send anybody who you think might be interested this way. My email ID is, just write to me.

A few thoughts(and these thoughts need work- maybe a critique group can help):

  1. Meetings monthly/bi-monthly. Smaller meetings any time that anybody is up for it.
  2. We will probably not be talking commercial work, unless it is of a personal nature to you and YOU want to talk about it.
  3. WORK IN PROGRESS. This should be a rule. Not that any work by any artist is ever truly “complete”.
  4. Prints. There’s nothing like prints. We need to be able to talk scale and texture and tactility and materiality and how all of this affects the work you’re showing. This should be a rule too. (Of course, if you work outside of the print medium, then this doesn’t apply to you.)
  5. I have a small collection of photo books that I really love. I know a lot of you do too. This can be an opportunity to share the work we admire, and even discuss it.
  6. This group will be about sharing. This is a rule.
  7. I have a black and white darkroom. You are welcome to it. Bring your own chemistry.
  8. Maybe we can do studio visits/gallery tours as the group develops.
  9. Critical theory readings/discussions. I don’t know. Discussing something we’ve read is always a good way to start a critique.
  10. People from other cities who want in. I don’t know where this thought is going or even where it should go.
  11. I think we need to have our first meeting over the next three weeks. Sitting on the idea of starting such a group for too long with only result in the vaporization of the idea. We WILL have our first meeting this month, October ’13.

Happy to have a discussion in the comments, or privately over email. Please share this post with anybody you think might be interested. Thanks!!